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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the violations include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Reckless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Road-worthiness
  • Drinking and driving
  • Unfastened seat belt(s)
  • Use of cell phone while driving
  • Obstructing a road
  • Failure to obey traffic signs/signal
  • Failure to produce a valid driver’s licence
  • Failure to display valid road tax

The cameras can capture a wide range of infringements, but the primary focus is on speed monitoring. Driving at excessive speeds is currently the leading cause of road fatalities.

There is no legal requirement for RTSA to display signs on or near the road where the law enforcement camera or vehicle is located. Motorists should be aware that if they exceed the legal speed limit anywhere, at any time the risk of causing a crash increases exponentially and they risk being detected and fined.

An infringement notice will be sent by SMS to the registered owner of the offending vehicle. An SMS notification will come from RTSA Notice. The SMS will have the following information:



  • 16-digit offence reference number
  • A link to the website
  • Vehicle registration number

You will need to pay your fine within 14 days. See other questions for information on payment method options.

Send a request to HELP@PAYMYFINES.CO.ZM to get a representation form which you will fill out and send back with any relevant supporting documentation.

Click on the website link in the SMS to visit the website where a Traffic Offence Report can be viewed. The report will contain the following information:



  • 16-digit offence reference number
  • Details of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle details
  • Photo, date, time and location of the traffic offence
  • Fine amount
  • Pay points

Proceed to make payment using the 16-digit offence reference number. Payment must be made within 14 days of the offence either via secure online payment on or at a bank. The full list of banks is available here.

Call the Helpline on +260211272434. View a full list of banks here where you can make payment.

The registered owner of the vehicle.

You will receive a receipt SMS advising you of the payment and withdrawing your case.

You must always use the 16-digit reference number when making a payment regardless of your payment method and your fine must be paid within 14 days. If you have used the online payment portal you can select to print an Admission of Guilt form. You will receive an sms as soon as the payment has been reconciled, confirming that payment has been received and the fine has been cleared from the system. If you haven’t received this confirmation, email your proof of payment, unique reference number and contact details to PAYMENTS@PAYMYFINES.CO.ZM and we will contact you back. If you have made an EFT or physical payment into one of the nominated bank accounts, your deposit slip or proof of payment from internet banking serves as confirmation.

The traffic offender is given a maximum of 14 days after receiving the SMS to pay the fine. If payment is not made within 14 days the offender should expect the following:



  • Commencement of prosecution, which could mean summons to appear before a judge under the Fast Track Court system
  • The vehicle will be blocked on eZamTIS. This means that both vehicle inspection and vehicle taxation cannot be done, resulting in new offences being committed which could attract additional penalties
  • The vehicle will be placed on a list of Vehicles of Special Interest and will be subjected to roadblock inspection

Statistics from the enforcement cameras show that the percentage of infringements recorded by the cameras has dropped dramatically and is currently as low as 5%. This means that the overwhelming majority of drivers on our roads are following the rules of the road and supporting road safety in Zambia by obeying the rules of the road. As road safety law enforcement continues, the number of safe drivers obeying the rules of the road will increase and the number of tickets issued will decline.

Speed limits are determined by RTSA which is the government body responsible for the road safety and determining safe travelling speeds.

This is because every single life matters! With on average six people killed every day on our roads, Government has launched the Road Safety Management System to prevent crashes and save lives. This programme has a number of key pillars:

  • Road Safety Law Enforcement which includes speeding and other moving violations such as drinking and driving, reckless driving and endangering other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Vehicle testing to ensure that all vehicles are safe to be on the roads; and
  • Vehicle registration, which forms the foundation for all road safety management.


The fines issued for breaking the various traffic laws must be hefty enough to encourage all road users to follow the rules of the road to prevent crashes, save lives and minimise injuries. If the cost of a traffic infringement is hurting your pocket, then please abide by all traffic laws and help us to save lives. Remember that second or subsequent fines, by law, attract a K900 fine.

The process is completely automated. As soon as a camera records an infringement, the record of this infringement (along with all the details as indicated on the ticket) is captured electronically in read-only format which cannot be altered. From here, there is no step in the process which allows officials to delete the infringement. The system automatically sends the vehicle owner an sms with a unique reference number, which provides all the necessary details of the infringement. There is no cash payment of fines to any individual, which removes the possibility of any corruption that may have occurred from taking cash as payment for fines.

Email HELP@PAYMYFINES.CO.ZM to send you a representation form. You must submit the relevant form along with required supporting documentation for your representation to be considered. Your application will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to you whether the case will be prosecuted, withdrawn or reduced.

  • A medical emergency.
  • The owner of the vehicle has died.
  • The vehicle has cloned (duplicate) number plates.
  • The vehicle is being driven by somebody who is not the owner, such as an employee.
  • There are incorrect details captured on the fine.
  • The vehicle is stolen.
  • I was speeding to overtake a slow vehicle.
  • I was late for work.
  • I made an infringement by mistake.
  • I sold the vehicle but I have not yet completed the change of ownership process.